Monday, November 7, 2011

This is what racers should strive for in their skiing.

What always seemed strange to me when I watch ski coaching; is how coaches seem to lean toward or emphasize ideas that are the consequence of movements that are not intended rather than focusing on strong fundamentals.

Two examples of such misdirections in the history of skiing are the Jet Turn and White Pass Turn. Both were mistakes, and many coaches picked up on them as the "latest, greatest techniques", which they never were and never became.

The latest in this history of misdirection of ski technique, is the Skivot or the Pivot turn.
There seems to be an obsession with this type of skiing with many coaches. Unfortunately, it's something that most skiers can already do and can't reduce or control. The skier in this photo, shows what only a handful of skiers in the world can do. Whereas, almost every tourist skier knows how to skid or pivot, and doesn't know how to stop doing it! The same applies to young racers who will never make it, due to the misguided teaching of many coaches.

Rather than working with skiers to gain the fundamentals that will serve skiers well for the rest of their careers, it's always baffling to me, why coaches want to waste the careers of promising skiers with techniques that are dead-ends. Rather than teaching them the fundamentals that could guide them to the types of turns demonstrated by the skier in this photo (above).

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