Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Marcel Hirscher, more on Perfect Transition

Frame1. After releasing his right ski, (see previous description) by flexing the leg and flattening his outside (downhill) ski, both skis are flat and his legs are at the same flex angle.

Frame 2. As Hirscher increases his inside leg tipping and flexing it allows him to add more angle to that ski because it's less weighted. This brings his body across his skis for the new arc.

Frame 3. Increasing his inside leg flexing and tipping allows his CG to move inside the turn.

Most coaches are focusing on the wrong side and wrong leg, for modern day skiing. The big toe or outside ski edge, has to come on late, but strong. This can only happen if the body is properly set up. If the big toe edge is the focus (from the beginning) the body is never set up correctly and the skier then grinds his turns, rather than slices his turns. 

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