Sunday, August 28, 2011

US Pro Cycling Challenge

Colorado is a great place for a bike race, breath taking scenery, wonderful roads, great mountain roads for climbing, but the TV coverage was disappointing.

Phil and Paul's,  descriptions were redundant and trite. Very little perspective for the true nature of the race came through. I followed the race, know the roads and then watched on TV. The TV coverage was poor, the sponsors need to demand better, and get better advice about how to run the TV presentation.

The Tour de France has many years of experience in bringing cycling to the public, the US Pro Challenge TV producers, have much to learn from the Tour de France coverage. The racers were great, the quality of the racers was superb, to bad the coverage was so poor. I hope they do it for many more years, maybe they'll get it right next year, let's hope. Why waste such a great opportunity to show the world, a great race and our beautiful country, at the same time?

The actual on the road phases of the race were well organized. The state and local police did a great job. Congratulations to the towns and the sponsors for their efforts. 

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