Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why are some of Lance Armstrong's former teammates out to get him?

Why are former teammates of Lance Armstrong coming out against him?

Because Lance's coattails are  the only remaining opportunity they have to link themselves to fame and the possibility for making money out of their bike racing careers.

These are banished, ex-bike racers, fading into oblivion. 

If they were not after the money angle or some kind of TV or book deal, they could just tell their story and be done. But that wouldn't make the sports pages,

If you want to come out and admit you were doping and clear your conscience fine, but get it done, why drag Lance Armstrong into it? 

The reason is simple, money, because Lance is where the money is.

If you link yourself to Lance and make that your story, the media will be all over you. I guess that's the nature and behavior of people who are used to cheating. I'm not much of a Lance fan, but using him, to get yourself on TV and creating other possibilities through him, to make money; to me, is predatory at best, but really, it's cowardly and deceitful. 

That's my option and I'm expressing it because what these predators are doing now, is bad for the sport of cycling.


Unknown said...

The biggest coward and predator of all is Lance and all his career... nothing else really matters.

Bonz said...

Sorry, but Lance doped. With everyone else in the sport.

Harald Harb said...

There is no doubt in my mind that Lance doped.

"Fool me once", as George Bush said.