Friday, February 4, 2011

Bump skiing, by Harald Harb using flexing and tipping!

Who said you can't carve in the bumps? By using the techniques I demonstrate here; you to can learn to ski bumps with grace and ease. The whole idea of skiing bumps is to not take any hits. The hollow between bumps is where you stretch your legs and prepare your pole tap.

The proper pole tap in bump skiing is critical, flexing the legs as you come to the top or over a bump prepares you for the new arc.

Lift, tip and pull the inside ski back to set up your skis for further tipping. This sets up your turn early before you go down the steep side of the bump.

Everything I've done has set up the edge angles for holding the skis on the backside of the bumps, perfect control.

Now I'm carving the bottom of the arc and ready to absorb the next hollow. This technique will assure your bump skiing is controlled and that you stay in perfect balance.

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Irwin said...

Harald, I have been skiing bumps with no pole swing, so the pole touch is a result of tipping. If I do a pole swing it is with the wrist only and the pole tip moves 12 to 16 inches. What I like about the no swing pole touch is I don't have to think about the pole touch but I think it may mean I am less aggressive. Any comments?