Sunday, December 5, 2010

Compare Lindsey Vonn to Maria Riesch in the same course

Lindsey Vonn (below)
Severe, weak "A" frame alignment.

Maria Riesch (below) Strong, straight alignment of the boots and knee.

Lindsey Vonn, (below) Severe "A" framed knee, a weak position

Maria Riesch, (below) Strong straight leg

Vonn, weak knee, poor boot set up, poor alignment.
Vonn has already had a knee injury in training this year in Colorado. It is no wonder this is occurring. Her knees cannot last with this kind of boot set up. It's amazing her coaches (US Ski Team) and boot technicians cannot see this problem or do anything about it.

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Unknown said...

Imagine how much faster she would be with this correction, she must be a tremendous athlete to overcome it.