Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Biggest Skier Mistakes!

I always watch skiers on the slopes from the chair lifts. In Harb Ski Systems ski camps, 40% of new skiers are everyday regular skiers with old or traditional techniques. There are frequently seen movements, I observe from the chairlift, made by regular (non-PMTS skiers).

1. Starting turns with the upper body. Effect: no tipping of the skis, mostly leaning, poor control.
2. Finishing turns with a rotation of the torso and upper body. Effect: Can't develop a rhyme, turns never connect, interrupted movements. Disaster in Powder.
3. Up movements or extension. Results: Late on edge, poor turn control, and poor edge hold.

These are not subtle differences between PMTS and traditional skiing. They are major problems; if you want to move forward with your skiing, this needs to change.

Next installment, Corrects for examples of the major errors described here.

Mistakes: Extension and pivoting

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