Friday, February 9, 2024

The Expert Skiing "Power Transition!"

   Learn short turns with an upside-down phase.

                                                            Long legs to short legs!

Getting from here to the next frame is about retracting the outside leg without reducing the ski angles.

Un-tipping requires a forceful retraction of both legs.
The sign of an Expert skier is having both legs bent the same while both skis are flat to the snow.

Tipping the new inside ski at the initiation (before the skis point downhill) is an expert skier movement.

This is the no-pressure phase. It's the phase where the lower body does the tipping without a hip angle.

Pressure should come to you by increasing both lower body tipping and hip relaxation and dropping the hip to the inside.

Hip angles should only be used or created after the lower body feet and ankles have started to create the new tipping angles under the hips.

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