Sunday, January 7, 2024

Strasser gives us a tipping clinic at the Adelboden Slalom.

This is a perfect demonstration for all skiers to apply and use in their skiing. 

The first fame shows equal foot, ankle, and hip angles developed from inside leg bending and hip relaxation. These actions allow the body to drop into angles with good control.
To tighten the radius Strasser eases up slightly on the outside leg (bending it) and brings his upper body into counterbalance over the outside ski.
This phase of the turn shows more leg bending but he also adds more tipping of the inside leg. As the lower body increases angles the upper body moves closer toward the and over the outside ski.

Strasser now adds more tipping still, with added leg bending to begin the releasing phase. Notice how his upper body keeps moving toward the outside ski and the falline. 

In this turn, his upper body compliments the lower body perfectly by increasing and holding  Counteracting, and Counterbalance to prepare for the lower body release. The inside ski is also held back with almost no lead. Keeping the inside foot back allows for ease of inside leg bending and lateral movement.

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