Sunday, July 5, 2020

Stefano Gross, great technical skier.

World Cup skiers are the best skiers in the world, why? They have to be the most efficient, most refined, and the fastest through a turn. The weeding out process involves thousands from every skiing nation. It takes years and only the very best reach the top ranks. This isn't a beauty contest but the movements are beautiful.

Stefano Gross show that by flexing and bending his legs to retract his skis from the snow is the most efficient way to change from one turn to the next.
 Stefano Gross shows that by flexing and bending his legs to retract his skis from the snow results in the most efficient way to change from one turn to the next. He uses the classic tip lift of the previous out side ski. This is called the edge change or a transition.

Once the retraction begins the feet can be pulled back and held back. This allows the CG (center of gravity) to move forward and down to take a shorter line to the next arc.

Using this technique creates the best method of re-centering. Old school ski instruction and coaching still applies the idea of moving the hips forward by leg extension. That method is obsolete, slow, and will never advance your skiing. 

In this photo, you see the path of the skis and the shorter distance the hip takes to the gate. This technique allows the hips to catch up and to re-center over the skis, without any extension.  The yellow arrow is the key to the success story all top world cup racers use, it's the "Foot pullback". Pulling the feet back lets the hips move down and slightly forward until the skis are directly pointing downhill. At the falline or Apex of the turn, his hips will be forward and his boots under and behind his hips. Without this relationship, the tips of the skis will not carve properly or be able to cut sharply under the gate.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Harb Carvers are the best ski simulators ever designed and the closest to ski movements.

                           A long stretch of road from Government Camp to the highway.

The skills and movements are the closest to skiing using a carving technique. Leaning rotating steering will not work. This tool proves that steering is a fallacy, made up by ski instructors, not by expert skiers. 

On Harb Carvers you can learn to tip your feet. Leaning and rotating will not work.

             Always begin with tipping your inside foot first and more than the outside foot, just as on snow.

                   Everything you do on Harb Carvers is exactly like movements in Expert Skiing. 

Why do Harb Carvers work? This is not a skate or rollerblade that have the thin blade or wheels down the center under the foot. Skis don't have a center blade, skis have edges on either side which makes for a different dynamic. The biomechanics involved in tipping Harb Carvers is different from skates, skates fall over on their own. Harb Carvers and skis (if you want to carve turns) need to be tipped or lifted on one side and ridden on the other edge through a turn. This requires different skills. Also, you cannot twist, steer, or rotate your legs to make Harb Carvers work. The engagement action required for Carvers to arc and make a turn has to begin with the feet. The feeling is just like carving a clean arc on hard snow. Movements have to begin with the feet and ankles. We did years of testing with all types of skiers from World Cup racers, ski instructors to intermediates. The limitations of each individual's technique became immediately obvious on Harb Carvers. Some instructors were so frustrated they said the Carvers didn't work. I just had to sit back and watch as their frustration took them over. Carvers prove one thing, you either have carving ability or you twist/steer on snow, but you can't do the later on Carvers. If you are looking to take the real test about your skiing, try some Carvers. If you master them at some level you will surely improve your on-snow skiing capabilities. Skiing and ski instruction have many myths and false understandings, many are perpetrated by misconceptions in National teaching systems. One outing on Harb Carvers and you will discover if you are engaging a ski or twisting a ski. Even the slightest twisting action will bring tears to your eyes. There is no hiding from your movements on this tool they expose everything.