Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Perfect at 14!

Do I know this skier? No. 

However, she shows everything we teach in the PMTS ski system. How does she accomplish this? With natural super talent, you achieve this kind of skiing with little or no coaching. Can it be coached and taught? Yes, but the way to coach this type of skiing is mostly undeveloped by mainstream coaching. Mainstream coaching is mired in contradiction and in controversial PSIA ski instructor methods. In fact, the US Ski Team has adopted ski instructor methods for the USSA coaches system. 

Therefore it has many conflicting approaches that are directly opposite of how this skier performs. 

If you look at all the movements that a skier needs to achieve this perfect relationship of the body to skis; you can identify the "Essentials of Skiing". In the photo, you can also identify the "Check Points" in action developed by Harb Ski Systems.

I'll point out a few of the "Check Points" of efficient and world cup skiing here that this skier uses demonstrated by this photo:
  1. Counterbalance
  2. Counteracting
  3. Vertical foot separation
  4. Inside leg flexing and tipping
These are all PMTS Direct Parallel "Essentials" that Harb Ski Systems teaches. We offer instruction services for these "Essentials" with our books, videos, and Ski Camps.