Thursday, March 31, 2016

Harald Harb, Skiing new boots, new skis and new knee!

Got my boots dialed, Dalbello DRS 150. I like my new 2017 Head iSpeed Super Shapes, 170cm
                             Starting to ski like it's coming back, after a ski season of building strength. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What happens to a skier when they learn PMTS?

Here is a skier that had certain "Essentials of Skiing" missing or not developed strong enough to create a dynamic turn.. This technical analysis applies to all levels of skiers, you see it at the world cup level and on the recreational slopes. The movements I will describe here are the same and apply at all levels. 

The skier's hips, chest are facing his skis, his lower arm (outside) is reaching forward toward his ski tips. his upper or inside arm is moving back, this is rotation, through the turn.

Here is a totally different picture and technique. 

The difference between these first photos and the way this skier is skiing now comes after PMTS training. The results are night and day different in performance. He achieved the "Essential of Skiing", called "Counter acting".
The similarities between his photo (above) and the photos below relative to upper body counter acting and pole preparation are obviously the same.

Although the differences may seem subtle or insignificant to the untrained eye, this is a dramatic change. No more appreciated then by the skier himself, and that is the most important result.

Pole prep with upper body counter acting.

Practicing with exaggeration. Here Todd is practicing as he calls it , "his reverse arm twist" for a counter acting pole tap.

In this photo below, here is the first step in the process, the hips and counter acting movements are accomplished,  however,  counter balance is not strong yet. The counteracting movements are assisted and strengthened by the arm, shoulder and pole action that bring the upper body over the outside ski. This is called counter balance.
In this photo below you can see the dramatic difference. Hip counter and outside pole development are accomplished giving the skier stronger counter balance as well.

How this applies at the highest levels of skiing!

Mikaela Shiffrin increases her counter acting after passing the gate. All the top world cup racers use this movement. This is exactly what the skier above learned and uses. 
Below you see Mikaela completes the arc, holds her counter and prepares the outside pole for the tap. Reaching the pole tip down and toward the falline brings her shoulders over the outside ski, as she increases her tipping angles.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Apex Auto body!

Home of the best Porsche body experts!
 This blue beauty below, 930 Turbo, has been top to bottom restored, rebuilt by Apex, it's as close to perfect as one can imagine.
 Some detailing being done on a very rare 3.6 liter, 964 Turbo Slant nose