Sunday, February 9, 2014

Harb Ski Systems trains coaches and coaches young athletes at Welch Village in Minnesota.

Harb Ski Systems Develops a totally new video for grass roots coaching and racer skill development and acquisition with Welch Village.

The Future of American skiing is in the grass roots programs around the country, like Welch Village. Harb Ski Systems is addressing the challenge to bring good skiing and coaching to developing skiers.
With a New Harb Ski Systems Alignment Center at Welch Village,  it's the most complete Program in the Mid West. Welch also has a new USSA Junior race program with top level coaching and training by Harb Ski Systems methodology
                                            Harald Harb runs practice courses with the kids
 Indoor training and rehearsal is highly valuable to young racers learning movements in a controlled and guided environment.
 Reviewing the actions and movements of the previous run with Harb Ski Systems Director.
Harald previews the right movements for the next run. This training is being videoed and will be produced for racers, parents and coaches to view and use for a successful development program for all ages.

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