Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Austrians ski PMTS technique

Often coaches forget to compare the similairities because the key elements of skiing are hidden. In our PMTS techniques we have identified these key elements as the "Essentials of Skiing". Let's look at the similarities of these two skiers. Here I'll point out the Essentials that are similar for  world class skiers that are not seen in struggling skiers.

Here Anna Fenninger, a World Champion demonstrates perfect technique and balance. Here are the key points that turn out to be similar in both these skiers.
1. Inside leg and ski tipped equally to outside ski and leg.
2.  Inside knee bent and outside leg is straighter.
3. Upper body is counter balanced to lower body
4. Upper body facing toward outside of the turn, inside arm, hand and shoulder leading.
5. Even at these angles, shoulders are level.

Here Harald Harb demonstrates similar technique, possiblly not skiing as fast and skiing a more shaped ski, however the body and it's relationship to the turn and skis, is almost identical. Is this a coincidence or a fluke, no it's achieved by using designated learned movements.  I achieve this skiing by using the Essentials of Skiing from the PMTS approach.

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