Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A flexing release "Like the world Cup Skiers use"!

Few skiers have the expert ability to change edges this quickly. Why do I mention this? Because if you are fascinated by powder, bumps or carving type skiing, this is the only way to become not only proficient, but more than adequate. Why is it not already in your skiing? This is due to the methods by which you learned and you have probably never changed. 

Teaching skiing and learning skiing that is taught does not get you to the expert level of skiing. That is why there are so few expert skiers. Here is an example of a flexing release, this is what we teach from the beginning level, in the Harb Ski Systems, PMTS, "direct parallel" method. Want to become an expert skier?  Get on board. It's easy to do, read, view and practice the PMTS Direct Parallel System. Available through Harb Ski Systems Ski camps and Welch Village, Ski School in Minneapolis, Minn.

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