Sunday, July 7, 2013

Addressing boot flex for ski racing and advanced skiing.

Under repair, for revisions and photos.


Ken Warfield said...

Great article Harold! It really hit home. I am able to realize this by just switching back and forth from my race boot and my rec boot. It is night and day. Just reading your tips I feel I can be a better skier! Thank you!

Skiaus said...

I agree - a good article. I just skied Perisher in Australia 10th to 15th August 2014. web site My first problem is that I have wide flat feet. I hired some boots that felt comfortable and this time I did not lose both my big toenails. However there was too much movement of my shins backward and forward. If I purposefully kept my shins against the forward cushion on a medium slope, I found it much easier to initiate the turn. I then proceeded to tighten the bindings including the velcro strap with the purpose of securing my shin to the front padding. However it would seem in doing so that the opposite happened. That is the tightening of the casing around my legs / shins made me stand more upright and not forward towards the ski tips. This makes it harder to initiate the turn. I hired "HEAD" boots. Next season I have been recommended to buy ATOMIC boots for wide feet (Waylander). I would hope that any boot of quality should bring the shin forward the more the leg cushioning is tightened around the shin and leg. (Not forcing the leg back in the stance as in my "HEAD" boots). Any comment would be appreciated. .....Brian Farquhar (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)

Sli said...

Is it really under repair? Interesting topic. Especially in regard to women boots.