Monday, May 6, 2013

Doing one thing and talking about another?

These are clips from an instructional video on You Tube. The instructor in this video  is telling us that to get on an early edge you have to roll the outside ski on edge without standing up or extending up. 
I guess if it's not working for him, how will it work for you?
                                        I won't even mention that this is not a parallel turn transition.


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Anonymous said...

The instructor is teaching what he has been taught to use his outside ski to help start turns since all of ski progressions start with the wedge and wedge christie turns. However, this is not the route to expert skiing when the free ski should be tipped on edge to initate the turn and create angles. My trainer examiner told me to twist the inside ski to start turns and skate into every turn down the hill to be more dynamic and quick with my turns. I told my fellow ski instructors that I have been making all my turns using the PMTS method without adding any rotary to the turns, all believe without active rotary you can't make turns.