Friday, March 22, 2013

PMTS Check number 9, Counter Balanced and Counter Acted,

Shoulders level, torso vertical, outside leg long, inside leg flexed and tipped.
The word "stacked" in skiing is batted about often these days. I don't like words like this because everyone can interpret them differently. And they have different meaning for different people. Effective words are accurate and they say exactly what you want to see done.

Counter acting is reversing the forces that act on your body in an arc. In this case it's counter acting with your hips. To counteract you have to physically make an effort to move your outside hip back.

Counter balance is to keep your upper body from leaning into the turn or toward the gate. To accomplish these tenants of skiing you have to move the inside hip higher and keep it engaged. This makes it look like the pelvis is more level, that's what you want. 

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