Sunday, January 22, 2012

Why some World Cup racers are successful and others not.

The first two racers are similar in body angle and hip position. Their ski angles which is what rally counts are also similar.

When you look at the bottom photo you see a different story. The hip is dumped into the hill and the skis are not as angled. Ted's hips are also much further behind his boots.

Ted is struggling these past two seasons in slalom and the reasons are evident. He is behind his skis, not achieving angles with his skis compared to the best slalom skiers. 

Some of Ted's problems are related to his ski boot set up. But this gets complicated and he is not getting the help he needs.
Christian Neureither 

Hirscher has completed more turn at this point than the other two racers. He consistently gets more turn completed than any other racer, because he develops more rebound and ski energy from each turn.
                                                    Marcel Hirscher
                                                        Ted Ligety

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