Thursday, October 27, 2011

What happened to Harb, is he losing his mind?

I'm not losing anything and I'm not an over broad nut case, that Lenny Bruce turned into. He was on drugs, I'm clean except for a few cocktails here and there. I'm just appalled at what is happening in our country. And we go around the world telling everyone else, how to behave. If anyone looks at what is happening in the US of A today; the USA would lose all credibility, it has left, anywhere. The police and government are beginning to behaving like, Syria's, Assad regime, and their national police force (military police force).

Really, what is the difference, our police aren't shooting anyone yet, but they are beating, detaining and arresting innocent protesters.. Have the US police killed anyone yet? No, not yet, but history shows if this gets bigger, the National Guard is next and they kill people. Remember Kent Sate? It has to be brought up before a tragedy like this happens again. All you need is one scared cop or a trigger happy national guard cadet, things get out of control fast.

Funny how it's never too late to mourn the dead, but too early to be warning the population and authorities, of what might happen..... and this citizen lived through it almost fifty years ago, and no one saw it coming. History repeats itself, we are not in a good trend escalation wise, people are angry and not afraid to get out and show it. Can anyone say, Vietnam War protests? This movement can easily get bigger and more violent. If there is anything you can learn from the "Arab Spring", it's the more the police bully, arrest and fight the protesters, the more conviction the protesters gather. Don't underestimate the people of American's resolve, everyone thinks Americans are soft, not when they are angry and desperate, they are not.

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