Friday, June 18, 2010

Bixie-Bob cats

I heard yesterday that our cat breeder, where we got our two Pixie-Bob cats, died in February. Some of you have seen and know our cats; Flash and Nicky. She leaves behind a Breeding business with live Pixie-Bob cats. They are settling the estate, in Durango, Colorado, but there is no one to take over the business. Julie Welter, used to work with Pat, she is taking care of the cats about 24 total, some are high quality, award winning, breeding cats, some are pets. They are looking for homes for these cats.
Pixie-Bobs are the most intelligent cats I have ever encountered. Flash, is an absolute joy every minute of the day. He is interactive with humans, friendly with everyone, and very intelligent. He comes on command, he's trainable, and responds immediately to the command "No", as do most Pixie-Bob cats. They are beautiful cats with amazing markings and colors, you could call them Bobcat look-a-likes, but very friendly house cats.

The cats are human friendly and need contact or they get nervous. They have been living alone now for 4 months, it's sad situation. I am asking, if anyone wants a great pet or knows someone who needs a great pet, here's your opportunity.
Julie Welter is taking care of the cats, if you are interested please call or e=mail her. 970-946-7865,

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