Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why Austrians ski differently than US Ski TEam

Hirscher feathers his skis with a combination of tipping and inclination. The reason for the inclination is his alignment. Note: A bowlegged his set up.

He increases counter-acting of his body to his skis, aligning himself for edge pressuring and hold to come.
Note the outward bow of both legs

This set up often makes Hirscher stay in the upper phase of the arc too long and causes a late hard hit. This requires amazing strength, strong ankles and aggressive skiing.

I am not advocating that all skiers or racers take on such a clearly aggressive boot set up like the Austrians. There is a nice in between, or middle road. Finding it is the key. We strive for it with all our skiers that come to camp or visit our ski shop for alignment.

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