Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The complete set: Harald Harb's Books and DVDs

In this set is the "Anyone can be an Expert Skier 1 and 2 books and videos/DVDs". The Essentials Book and DVD set. This can be purchased on my web site (the link is on the right) separately or together.
This is most complete ski instruction library and reference guide to modernize your skiing. Get them today, or as Harald says, "You will be making the same old turns for another season".


Unknown said...

The absolute best ski instruction tools available..... unless, you attend a Harb Ski Systems PMTS camp.

It's the fastest way to improve your skiing ability... period.

Unknown said...

When the next edition of this books?

Harald Harb said...

You can call 303-567-463 to order they are in stock.