Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ski Practice 1: Counter Timing

Counter Acting is the movement that turns
the upper body or torso away from the
turning direction of the skis. This movement
is critical in all skiing, without it you have
no power to release and you may end up
with rotation in your skiing that causes you
to use excessive upper body movements.
Excessive upper body movements throw the
body out of balance!


Unknown said...

can anyone tell me the name of the song or the artist providing background music to this excellent video

Icanski said...

HI Harald,
I'm watching the slow motion part and it looks like you are countered during release but the upper body isn't in neutral as the skis are flat for a moment in transition. The upper body appears to go through neutral when the skis are already engaged in the next High C part of the turn. In the next turn to the left, though we see a moment when the skis are flat and the upper body is square with it. Is this counter timing here to prevent rotation?

Harald Harb said...

If you log into the PMTS forum and search for Counter- Acting you will find a complete thread on this topic, explaining all the timing questions.
Thank you