Sunday, March 16, 2008

Climbing season is just around the corner

Keeping and staying in good enough physical condition, year round, to ski 150 days a season, is now a full time job. A few years ago, I could do it without metering out my energy. Now I have to measure how I use energy. This means starting my training early, or never stopping. Rest is as important as training, resting properly and not over doing too many hard effort days in a row, makes lots of sense. This has always been my challenge with competition and preparing. I used to over train and try to over prepare. Now I know the consequences and I have learned to spread out my efforts.

My goals are to climb better and more difficult pitches this summer, so training has to start early and stay controlled. Hard to do while still skiing and also preparing for a strong bike riding season. Oh well, I’m sure there are worst problems.

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