Saturday, March 22, 2014

"PMTS Direct Parallel" Skiing Demonstrations,

               The Slope is on one of the Steepest in the Mid-West, at Welch Village.
                                                            Duel Carving with Diana Rogers

                               Above is a simultaneous release, knees flexed, and in transition.
       This is on the Welch Village Upper Snow Field. Who says the Mid West doesn't have Glaciers?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hirscher not skiing like Hirscher: Something has changed in his boot set up.

In the years I have been studying Marcel Hirscher's skiing, I have never seen the following.

In these photo clips, he's extremely counter rotated, and knocked kneed, this is not how he was set up or how he naturally skis or how he skied at the beginning of the season. He is  adopting to boot changes. I don't know what,  exactly,  has happened to his boots. It could be a number of things.

1. The boots are breaking down.
2. He has new boots and the new set up has changed and it's not working.
3. Someone changed his present boot setup.
Which ever of the three has happened, it's not working.

The above photo is so untypical of Hirscher's skiing. He has never needed to counter rotate his hips like this, this is not functional, it is adaptive. An incorrect boot set up, cuff change or poor sole alignment can cause this. This is easy to fix, but no one has done anything in the last 4 races about it. I started to notice something wrong about 4 slaloms ago.

Here we see the same thing again and this is happening frequently in his last races. It's more obvious on his left leg, but his right side, is also not as good as it was early in the season.

This set up is causing him to load the ski late and hard. He's atypically getting far back on his skis and often leaving the ground, normally he could absorb these impacts, not any longer. I'm afraid with his strength and will power, he will try to overcome this with brute force and it might result in injuries.

This is again far too much leaning and rotation for typical Hirscher skiing.

Lots of comments are being made about Hirscher's skiing lately, on Universal sports and elsewhere.. Most has to do with the Olympics and his results being behind his rivals, due to "pressure to perform". I did an article about his lack of performance a month ago on this Blog. Things have not gotten better.  He has lost confidence because his skis are not performing the way he likes. It's not the skis, it is the boots.

Marcel himself says he's not skiing loose. No one can ski loose when you are fighting a boot set up to this extent. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Developing world cup technique!

Before you can get to Here;
Felix Neureuther
 You have to have these basics at 9 years old!
Guess who?

Shiffrin can get even better!

Although "(Mikaela) is already a World Champion in slalom and an Olympic gold medalist, there is bad news for her competition, she can get even better.

 If you study her skiing closely you will see there is a difference between her right and left turns. This  analyses isn't from just one set of photos or one race, it's been evident all season. Compare the two turns and pay particular attention to the differences in her release, and knee, and foot proximity variance.

(Below photos)  a close up, show her ending a right turn on her left foot. The good turn, or better one of the two.  Here she keeps a relatively closer stance and tips her new inside foot simultaneously with the new outside one. Notice the Green arrows. The blue arrow shows how early she tips the inside foot on this turn relative to her left turn.

(Below photo) notice here she steps off her outside ski and during that step she sets a harder edge. (snow coming off her ski)

 The Green arrows (in the last frame) show how her knees are in a totally different relationship from the left turn. Her feet are wider than her knees and the new outside ski as a result of the push off is in a wedge relationship, and on the new outside ski edge. Often this is caused by a difference in alignment of her boots, and it can also be the reason for her delayed edge engagement in the high C part of the arc, due to an over aggressive cuff angle.
 I posted the High C delayed ski engagement explaination  in an earlier article on this Blog, about the  turn on the same side, but from a different race.

All skiers have a slight difference between right and left turns. This can be mitigated with precise alignment set ups and some focus from the athlete on the movements.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Universal Sports Coverage of Ski Racing has lost it's focus!

The two most boring people on television, why do they have to do this to Ski Racing? It's Sad. Now this program has evolved into 30 minutes of boring hash, then rehash, again, during the 7 racers they actually show skiing. They have destroyed the show, this Producer should be fired. 
It reminds me of "Pinky and the Brain" cartoons, "Hey Pinky, what are we doing today, same thing we did yesterday. We'll repeat everything and show you 7 skiers while making you wait and listen to our boring banter." Thank God for Tvo, and super fast forward.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sochi Olympics creates not only Gold and Silver, but Demons and Dragons!

 Ante Kostelic is the Satan and Demon of the Olympics.

No one man has been more hated in Sochi since Stalin murdered half the Russian population. He raised the ire of the best skiers in the world with his hand drill and devious corners. And he has the perfect name, Ante Kostelic, which is perfect because surely everyone is anti, Ante at the moment.

 What are we raising these days as athletes, don't they have any respect for the crafty mind of an old fox that rigged the outcome of the Olympic slalom race all by himself with one swipe of his imagination.

 Does no one have a sense of humor anymore, the whole thing backfired, his son Ivica was supposed to be the benefactor, but instead, two Austrians won. His son a disappointing  9th and Ted Ligety exiting woefully, after a blistering 1st run, his best in years, cried harder than Bode during the Christen Cooper interview. Or was that howling? Ted really showed them however; in the second run, he faked a recovery, went on his butt another time, then beelined it down to his next friend, who also became a spectator after the Ante slalom course extravaganza caught him in arrears.

Of course, it didn't help that the first run was a Nastar course and everyone was feeling really good about themselves, many new born slalom stars, at least for an hour or two. What could have felt better than giving Hirscher a well deserved beating. No one wants to see this guy on the podium one more time, he wearing out the steps.

 The whole thing could have had a perfect ending, if they had found another Albert DOPPELHOFER, for the second run,  the German who set the Nastar style first slalom run. Unfortunately, for the world's best self proclaimed slalom skiers, Ante was in full swing; wheedling his drill and using a tape measure to make sure no one could reverse his devious plan of screwing up the whole Olympics, by pulling out the rule book and making sure he was conforming to every rule and within the norm.

 The rest is history, and  may not be bested for some time. Nastar has no place in the Olympics, which a few bashers soon found out. And real turns still exist, in reality, not only in the imagination of a coach who likes skiers that can think, ski, review and remember at the same time.

Mario Matt showed them all what is needed to match the old fox. You had to be as devious as the  Ante; the anti-leaning and sitting course setter. You had to ski correctly, and with panache, not power and force. And then there was the young Norge, who wooed everyone with his style and grace.

After his performance, Ante is no hero in most minds, but in this skier's opinion, he made slalom skiing worth watching again.

Ante and son Ivica during happier times.