Saturday, February 6, 2021

Tip lift and Retraction begin the transition, next is "Pullback!"

Connect the "Retraction Tip Lift" to the transition with a new inside ski "Pull Back" movement.

In a previous post I described the release with retraction; describing the movements to release with a lifting of the stance ski tip. This series of frames describes what happens right after the the tip lift retraction technique.

This first photo shows a world cup top 5 slalom skier using the tip lift, using retraction and transfer of balance to the new ski, (Super Phantom Move) the little toe edge balancing act. This lifted ski, needs to be transitioned toward new edge angles. The movement toward the new edge angles begins with the lifted ski, tipping it toward the new little toe side of the foot or little toe edge side, creating this action.

(In this first photo) This World Cup skier has started the transition to the new turn with a lifted ski tip. This is the classic retraction and lifting of the ski move. 

(2nd Photo below) Shows a very Minor change, however the commitment to the uphill little toe edge ski is complete, and the lower lifted ski has released further, and is beginning its tipping toward the new little toe edge side of the foot.

(below) The tip is still lifted and the lifted ski and boot are pulled back and toward the stance boot.

In this last frame you see the transition completed. The skis are on the new edges and the angles are created high and early for the turn. The inside ski once pulled back and tipped must continue to be pulled back through the turn. These frames happen in less than a 10th of a second by World Cup skiers. Learning and practicing them may require more time at slower speeds. 

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