Friday, February 12, 2021

Air turns are fun!

Powder days, small bumps for turns, or edge changes, in the air.

(Above Photo) Anticipate the lift from the lip of a drop-off. 

 (Above Photo) Quickly retract or suck up your knees and tip your legs toward a new turn

                            (Above) In the air change the angles of the skis to land on the new edges.

Land softly by absorbing with the legs and continue tipping to finish the turn.

Upon landing prepare to increase edge angles and add your counteracting to your hips and upper body.

                                          All set up in perfect position for the next turn.


Chris Valle-Riestra said...

Appreciating the focus on fun!

B Carter said...

Looking good Harold as usual. Are those Rossi skis?

Harald Harb said...

Was skiing my World Cup Dynastar Slaloms.