Saturday, January 16, 2021

Without Hirscher, why are Austrian Slalom skiers so consistent this season?

                       Autrian Slalom Sucess 2020-21

 Someone really smart in the Austrian organization picked new coaches. It has been stated that the slalom team has Hirscher's former coach. I would not doubt this given the improvement is dramatic. The consistency of runs and better technique is also obvious. Let's look at some of the changes and improvements anyone can benefit from doing this in their skiing.

In addition to Manny Feller and Marco Schwartz, Matt, Gstrein, and Pertl have knocked on the door of the top 10. 


Manny Feller has just won his first race and has been consistently on the podium.

Marco Schwartz has been consistently in the top 3 and won a race.


The red arrows demonstrate Manny's strong use of Counteracting, which blocks his outside shoulder and hip rotation. This is giving him stronger edge hold, better rebound energy, and a higher entry point to the next gate.

Manny often used to dive into the turn (leaning) with his upper body and head first. Here this season, notice his head has reclaimed a position over the outside ski, indicated by the yellow arrow. His torso and chest, therefore, are more verticle and counterbalanced shown by the blue arrows.

In this photo I am counterbalanced, notice even we mere mortals can keep our head over the outside ski indicated by my helmet being to the right side of my jacket hood.


gogogogo said...

When counter balancing do you then actively think about your head tilting over your outside ski? Or is it just a result of getting over that outside ski? 😊

Harald Harb said...

It's one way to help you determine how and where to bring Counterbalance into our skiing. It is noticeable that the best skiers in the world do it?