Tuesday, June 9, 2020

How to use and identify "The Essentials of Skiing" to create and build angles to your skiing?

In this point in the arc, I increase inside leg bending and tipping, no knee drive or pushing to create edge hold is needed at this point. Angles that are developing are already enough to make the ski hold without and snow spray. This means the carve is clean.

Once the inside foot, boot and ski angles are created and the outside ski begins to need more angle to close the arc and tighten the radius, I add foot, ankle and slight knee tipping. This is done with a slight bending to reduce pressure to allow for easier tipping. This is where almost ever skier goes wrong. They try to add grip or edge hold, by pushing or extending. Follow the sequence and you will discover the secret of expert skiing that no one tells you.

From the previous photo to these 3 frames. This is the timing for more increase of inside leg bending, tipping and also inside foot pullback. These movements create angles and tighten the turn radius. Pulling the inside foot back, is the key to making the front of the ski bend into the arc. 

At the point of release this is where the biggest mistakes are made in skiing, note that there is no pole swing. The upper body is facing the energy.

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