Monday, December 23, 2019

The Transition in Skiing is the most confusing.

Changing from one turn to the next is called the transition. It is really changing your edge angles from one side of the skis to the other. This is the most difficult part of skiing to grasp and to do correctly. It is also when "done right" is the key to expert skiing. 

Here in this series of photos, I am releasing the edge angles from the previous turn to the new set of angles for the next turn.
    In the previous photo the outside leg is longer.

Notice the ski tip lifts and the leg retracts the ski from the snow. 

                                                                                  Lead the transit with the new inside leg tipping first.

                                      The descriptions:

               The photo above:  Finish the turn with more tipping to create Tipping and edge change Momentum. The upper body should be counteracted and holding the counteracting in transition.

The yellow arrow demonstrates: Tip lift with the ankle and knee, flexing or bending or shortening the leg. This means to relax the muscles to release and bring the knee toward the chest. This is indicated by the ski tip lift. Notice how the uphill arm stays forward, the chest still points toward the lifting ski boot. Relaxing the legs causes un-tipping or flattening of the skis. Putting the transition is in play.
The upper body has not changed direction as the skis came onto the new edges. The skis have tipped into and toward the falline making a natural uncoiling possible. Now the counteracting movements for the next turn can begin.


Unknown said...

Excellent pictures and drawings Harald. Thank you very very much for sharing your amazing knowledge. I have read every article published in your blog, they are very insightful indeed. Following your PMTS indications, my Skiing has changed completely and improved dramatically, and so has my enjoyment of the sport. I wish you Merry Christmas and a wonderfull year 2020. Happy to see you are doing great with your new hip.

Unknown said...

Great presentation, should help all of us to visualize what we should be doing.

Lepierro said...

Harald, thanks to you, after quite a few years, I can make this transition now. It totally changed the way I ski. Thank you once again, without forgetting Diana.


Harald Harb said...

Great guys glad to help.

Unknown said...

The picture and comments are very helpful.
Thank you Harald.