Sunday, November 24, 2019

Skiing with a new Hip.

This is a photo from my 3rd day on snow with a new hip

                                4th day on snow left hip is new.

As with a new knee you never know what is going to happen on snow. You have to do your best to set up the boots with the new joint because the geometry is all changed. The hip stem angle is different and the stem length increases by 4mm. Doesn't sound like much but with all the muscles traumatized from surgery and not really firing it's a real adventure out there.

My first day out was at 7.5 weeks, the next at 8.5 and the last photos in red pants 10 weeks out.

      4 days after the above photos, below are the ones from today, November 25.

                       Still doing some fine tuning on my cuffs.

My boot tuning is almost set. Without the proper set-up I would not be able to tip the skis to these angles. Without our precise alignment system in play, I'd be fighting my own body and my skis. Now after skiing 3 days, it's a matter of only a few slight adjustments with the cuff, maybe 1/8 of a turn on the adjustments. The left replacement hip and right knee replacement are feeling almost completely normal, but I am not putting the full load on it yet.


Unknown said...

Hey Harold glad you are on skis! Watched Shiffy Levi sl. .. your thoughts ?Granted

Troutnut1 said...

Great work Harald! Amazing recovery in such a short time. A tribute to your good fitness level for sure!

Best wished for the holidays to you and Diana.

Dennis & Cheryl in Montana

Troutnut1 said...

Great work in such a short time Harald. A real tribute to your good fitness level. Keep it up.

Holiday wishes from Sula, MT

Dennis & Cheryl Vick

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Truly impressive recovery and a testament to healthy training.
Q: Head isl World Cup Rebel a good ski for your camps/ programs ?

Unknown said...

Great skiing hope one day to even come close to that.

Unknown said...

Great skiing hope one day to even come close to that.

KenOarto said...

Did you choose ceramic or titanium?

Harald Harb said...

My hip is a Zimmer ceramic.

Unknown said...

Nice! Are you experiencing any mobility issues with the new one?

Jfrederickharb said...

I saw your shop on the way to Vail. Intriguing last name. My name is John Harb. I’m from Detroit. I hope I have some of your genes. I aspire to ski like you into my 90’s!