Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Ski Industry is messing up skiers!

The ski industry has no idea what they are doing to skiers when it comes to bindings, and when it comes to heel to toe angles. And skiers have no idea what to ask for and what the different bindings will do to their skiing. Even a set up slightly off your needs will make your skiing struggle. For example, "Elan's" version of the Head Tyrolia bindings SLR, that Elan uses and they are branded as an Elan, has a 0-ramp angle. The PRD Tyrolia on a Head Super Shape Speed comes with a 6-degree ramp angle. The Super Lite Rail is made mostly for women's skis. For some women, this is an impossible fore/aft balance situation. Models of Marker have a -3mm heel to toe ramp angle, on a short boot which most women use, this set up is almost impossible to ski. This measures out to be about a 16-degree "toe high" angle. This makes no sense what-so-ever. In our alignment and skier evaluation process we try to correct or direct people toward the right set up for their personal needs. Every skier is different, every person is different. Every leg length to torso relationship requires a properly selected ramp angle. In most ski shops, you will have to ask the salesperson. I'll guarantee they will have no idea about the ramp angle of the binding. The ski industry doesn't have any of this figured out for the benefit of the consumer. Why and how do we know about these things at Harb Ski Systems? Because we ski with almost everyone we sell skis, boots, and bindings to; we see the issues on the slope, then we fix the problem. We are working on producing some videos for this topic to come out on YouTube. Look for it on my Harald Harb channel, next fall. Hopefully, through these efforts skiers can have a better idea of how to select their best set up.

The attitude of the ski industry is so antiquated for example, this is the response: "This works for our best-sponsored skiers and testers and our world cup skiers, so it has to be right for you." That is such bullshit and we prove it every day at our alignment center and in our ski camps that this way of developing a product is wrong.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Mueller Report

Monday, April 8, 2019

Keeping up your skiing year after year!

Comparing my skiing from one year to the next gives me an idea if it is still on the right track.

November 2018

March 2019