Sunday, February 24, 2019

Victor Muffet Jeandet shows Harb Techniques!

If you are still coaching or teaching PSIA extension or pushing off or a wide stance with pivoting, you had better look at what is really happening on the world cup by the best.

PMTS Direct Parallel has been documented in books, videos, and DVDs for 22 years. 

                                       PMTS is the coaching of Harb Systems. 

Here it is demonstrated by one of the top world cup skiers in his freeskiing.

 In the photos above Victor Muffet-Jeandet increases his counteracting and counterbalance.

Below notice the release of the big toe edge ski first! This is demonstrated by an "O" frame knee position.

 The above photos show "flexing retraction" and "pull back" of the foot all in two photos. Jeandet holds his counteracting while releasing his legs and ski angles.

Compare the lifting of the stance foot and flexing of that leg. 

In the below photos the tail of the ski is obviously lifted more than the tip. This confirms that he is pulling the free foot back, which moves the hips forward before he arrives at the falline. 

                                                   No extension is used or necessary.


Lepierro said...

I am convinced that the PMTS technique works perfectly and that its effectiveness no longer needs to be demonstrated. I was an intermediate skier stuck in progression. Since applying the PMTS (2 years ago), my skiing technique has improved tremendously.

I am French, like Victor Muffat-Jeandet. To ski like him, you must go through the race and competition network, otherwise you will be stuck. No instructor will make you progress.

Nobody is interested to improve the technique of intermediate skiers. I think it's the same everywhere in the world. Then one day you come across the site Harb Ski System.

So the problem is not convincing people that PMTS is effective. It's to let them know that it exists. Cheer up Harald!

SK said...

Clearly the technique is PMTS, but that blue suit...

Action Skiing said...

Cool Harold! I've been preaching and teaching holding that inside foot back for a decade with a high degree of success with over 1000 students. This is the core of what you call counteracting. My trainer at Snowmass, George Perry calls it "holding counter".

I start at teaching this at Level 2, right after they master the straight wedge glide to a stop. I try to avoid the wedge turn progression at all cost. Amazing how fast they catch on to parallel skiing using this approach!...

Harald Harb said...

Thank you for the comments. So happy to see people finding PMTS Direct Parallel. We are very happy for the recognition by skiers. We are not interested in having instructors try to copy us, we have the system perfected and it works wonders.