Thursday, January 24, 2019

Differences in World Cup Slalom between top men.

If we look at Marcel Hirscher as the benchmark for technical refinement and prowess here is what is remarkable about his skiing.

   He counteracts and counterbalances more often and with more upper body flexibility and with more range of motion beyond the rest.

The double hand block has numerous advantages, but it has one that most observers rarely point out. It doesn't allow the inside hand to reach for the ground. Too many of the top racers use the inside hand reach as a crutch.

In the Parallel city slalom that Hirscher won, many racers used this double block. 

Counteracting and counterbalance!

If you compare Christoffersen there is more upper body rotation and less counterbalance.

Hirscher creates more CA, holds it longer at the point of release than the rest.

The new guy "Clement Noel" has most of Hirscher's technical qualities.

Compare the two, Christoffersen is more stretched out leaning further from his outside ski boot.

Hirscher's upper body is more verticle and his hip less rotated. It doesn't take much, and the consequences are grave if you don't have enough.


Below are extreme opposites, rotation of the upper body by Christoffersen, while Hirscher is strongly counteracting.

                                    More Comparisons

The lines show the angles of counterbalance and body lean.
                            Clement Noel, (below)

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chapleos said...

Hi Harald

Thank you for your analysis - I love reading expert views on differences between skiers who all look basically perfect to the untrained eye!

What do you think of Dave Ryding's skiing? To me, he looks superb technically, but I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for all the great content you put out.

Jonny Goldsbrough