Monday, October 29, 2018

Continued clarification of technical mis-understanding! Forget early pressure!!!

Marcel Hirscher late pressure teechniques to gain time, and reduce friction.

In the photo below Marcel Hirscher shows a typical slalom finish to a turn. Outside ski weighted, retraction of the legs. Yes, no transfer to the new outside ski.

The transition is either light on both skis or more weighted on the old outside ski, in this photo, it's the new inside ski. Notice there is also no extension or attempt to bring the hips forward. 

(below photo) Almost at the gate ready for the blocking position,  the outside ski is still in the air or lifted. 

Early pressure isn't the method used by the top skiers. The transition is used to set up angles not to pressure the ski. Hirscher may not apply this technique for every arc, however, he does practice this movement pattern in training runs on every turn. He trains this way of transitioning because it's faster, and it applies less friction in the upper part third or slow part of the arc.

Unless the skier has a good grasp of how to create counteracting and retraction in a convention release first, this method should not be introduced to juniors.


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giampiero said...

But in GS turn all instructors talk about early pressure. What do you think about?

Harald Harb said...

You said, "All instructors talk about early pressure". Talk is cheap, ask them how, why and where to get it, they won't have an answer. You have to understand what movements create pressure and what movements are wrong and feel like you are getting pressure. Most instructors are wrong, the highly skilled coaches know what to teach.