Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What you should know if you want to learn the term what it is to be in the "Zone"!

Feeling it! You may hear that comment when someone is performing well. It's the moment when everything comes together after many days weeks and hours for training. Training your mind to match what your body is trying to accomplish is often the missing link. Rock climbing has taught me more than I could have excepted about combining and learning movements. The brain is not only a conscious problem solver but also a subconscious one. The brain is learning and teaching the body while you are practicing. In climbing when you first come to a grade higher or push yourself to the next level of difficulty, it seems that the climb is almost impossible. You don't see how you can make your body produce the moves necessary to get up the rock wall. Yet after you work on the movements build the strength needed for particular moves, the impossible becomes doable. And after you achieve the next level, your old standard climbs become easy. When that happens you know your brain and your body are in sync. With this comes confidence. Confidence is developed after repeated small successes. This progression happens in many activities and sports, however knowing how it's done can take an athlete a long time to comprehend. You have to be systematic, especially when it comes to skiing. Climbing more or less dictates where you have to move. With skiing, you can move many different ways on any given slope. So you can enjoy the experience even without ever achieving the point of "feeling it". In our courses, we focus on repeatable movement sequences that let mind and body learn together. The idea is to have the subconscious mind become flexible and open. Repeating efficient movements and developing small successes as you ski lays the foundation. As in climbing, there are the obvious setbacks, you fall off, you get frustrated, but you work through it. When you have the two, mind and body working together to design the perfect dance of movements the world opens and the conscious mind relaxes. Arriving at this point is magical and that is when you know the "right" practice has paid off.