Thursday, June 7, 2018

The fundamentals are lacking, because Skills Quest by USSA is a failure.

USSA Development

Skills Quest could be a good idea, if they had the right people dsigning the skills. The US coaching staff has no idea what the world cup skiers are doing differently.
The skier above is doing the best she can. However it's not the way to ski. It's not the way the World Cup skiers ski, it's American coaching. The upper body is leaning inside. All the weight is on the inside of the body, the hips are square. Nobody winning on the world cup is skiing with hips square like this. No one on the world cup who is winning has the feet seperated as is the case here. This is not reversable. Once a young skier adapts this posture and position they are doomed.
       World cup overall champion twice, Anna Fenninger Veith, and she is still a world cup contender.
Does anyone in USSA development know why there is a huge difference between the way these two skiers use balance and technique? I'm sure they don't, because in the first photo, the skier is an example of USSA development skiing. This skiing will never acheive the highest levels of World Cup skiing.


LJF said...

It is so aggravating watching kids do weeks of skill quest. My kids do this and then have to unlearn it when their done.
What option do we have, this is what every mt has to offer here in north east. Keep it coming HH your all we have to teach our kids how to ski.

Harald Harb said...

LJF Thank you for your comments, the only thing to do is go through it as an exercise and don't let it stick. Train or teach your athletes to know when they should repeat and ingrain movements and when to not do so. It's always more challenging to learn the correct movements that the best skiers use then sloppy ones that are relatively useless.