Friday, February 16, 2018

Classic slightly over cuffed and over canted alignment!

Notice the space between the knees and the right knee outside the forceline.

Very good effort to increase angles and tipping, however, no leg tipping occurred.  The hip dropped in further and CB increased. All of this is excellent management, however not the ideal result was achieved.
 In the frame above the right boot is further outside than the shin, this is classic cuff too strong against the lag. The boot sole could probably use 1/2 to 1 degree of inward tipping.

In the frame above notice the lifting of the outside hand, compare that to my right hand and arm.

 My transition shows upside down angles in the  High C. Our skis are pointed at in the same direction, however, the ski and body angles are not similar.

Compare the outside leg flex, knee bend, and fore/aft position, I am achieving my more forward balance because of the early upside down angles I created in transition.

Compare the extension movement from the first photo to the lower one.
You can really see it if you focus on the arm and pole lift you create in this phase. This is where the ski tails do go uphill and stay flat. The extension, although not huge interrupts and delays the new angles from developing. PMTS golden rule, "You can't tip your skis if you are extending"!

The last two photos I included to demonstrate the inside leg flexing and tipping needed to create bigger angles. The outside ski, foot, and ankle are also creating matching tipping movements to the inside ski.

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