Sunday, December 31, 2017

When Schffrin skied her best!

Thanks to Ron LeMaster for posting this photo series

In my view Mikaela Saffron was a better skier 4 years ago then she is now. This is the 2013 season. Here she shows more upper body discipline, better foot control and balance in every sense. She was also skiing faster compared to her competition. Much of her trials and tribulations when is wasn't winning during short periods, is attributable to her boot design and set up over the last 3 seasons. She has had to fight harder with less ease, from her regular fluid, easy movements. Her legs have become stiff and spread due to the compensation needed to get edge hold.

Just compare this photo clip, from this year, 2018 to the montage above. This is dreadful, yet because of her natural ability, and strength, she overcomes really, really, bad boot set ups. As I have said many times; the women's slalom skiing and field right now, is horrendous. If Marlis Schild, Hosp and Zettle were in their prime, this would not be a winning set up for Shiffrin.


Unknown said...

One would think that the athlete would learn how to modify their own boots after having that done right once before. After all, it is in their best interest.

Harald Harb said...

Unfortunately it's not the case. You would think with all the technology and video, that the coaches and the athletes would work better together to figure out the best set up. As I have recounted before, I had to contact, Shffrin one season to get her back on her old boots, because she was so far off in the new ones. It worked, she won the next race, 3 seconds faster was the net difference.