Saturday, November 18, 2017

Mikaela Shiffrin struggles! Ski boot set can make you or break you,!!!

If you compare these photos of Marlis Schild and Mikaela Shffrin when she had a reasonable boot set up, you can see many similarities. 

The line of force in a ski turn has to go through the center of the knee from the ski edge under the foot to the Center of mass of the body. If this is off by 1 degree it can make the skier struggle. The line of force in these turns and skiing is almost perfect. 
                                Here is a sequence of Mikaela Shiffrin in the same turn below. The line of force in these photos and skiing is so far off the knee center; Mikaela can't get early angles and doesn't develop balance on the ski.
Above the gate she can't develop angles, she has to skid into position. Here the boot set up is too strong in all respects. This can be caused by two things in the boot and two outside the boot.
Same turn, she skids the skis into a place when she can't slam the door, or get something to make the ski hold or turn. She has no angles yet, and no balance on the ski. She will have to drive the ski to an edge at the last second. I call this "slamming the door", or ski on edge. It dangerous to ski this way, because all the loads happen at once, the forces will act violently and sometimes uncontrollably. It's a dangerous set up. It's testament to how great an athlete Mikaela is to be able to pull off runs in the top three skiing this way.

In this photo below, she "Slams the ski",  to an angle, but has to lean away because it's still too aggressive, and  the ski still doesn't hold, it's still skidding. Her knee is driven into the turn hard, yet this doesn't yield good results. No carving, no arcs, just a horrid skid.

Below is a photo of how her alignment was, when it was working, when she had the correct boots and a reasonable set up. Completely different! Mikaela didn't unlearn or forget how to ski, she is adapting to a bad boot set up on every turn. This is costing her seconds a run. 


Unknown said...

Great analysis. What are the 2 interior and exterior boot issues you allude to in the chain above? I'm interested in this as the kids I see while coaching have some quite obvious and serious setup issues.


Harald Harb said...

If you want the complete story and analysis, our "Alignment Manual" has everything in it and it's only $15 worth of endless information that will raise your knowledge dramatically. It is on my web site under book and videos.
The short story is, ankle space, so the foot can move laterally, a dynamic footbed that supports and also moves. The outside of the boot is cuff angle adjustment and last but not least is boot sole shaving or angle changes. The devil is in the details, and the this is how? How do you measure all of these parameters. That's why you come to an expert. No one in the USA does this except Harb Ski Systems.

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