Saturday, October 7, 2017

Training , Training and more Training, good! But what is more important is "The Coaching Model!"

If you stop, if you hesitate, if you get lazy, say your relatives are in town or you have to travel to a wedding, don't stop. Or you will pay. Which would you listen to,  a fat out of shape coach who tells you how hard you have to work or an in shape coach, who is a role model and an inspiration? A coach that works as hard as you do and can guide you?

Sure, as a junior racer, it's nice to have a coach who can ski better than you do. He or she is a model and example, but few coaches can do this. If you are older than 50, it's even more important to listen and be guided by a coach or trainer who is in shape and works hard.
                            If you stop moving training or paying attention to your fitness you are lost.

A coach who trains and skis with vigor and commitment can much better relate to his skiers' efforts and trials.

 Your coach should inspire you to do better, go stronger, take care of yourself , eat right, sleep right, a coach should be the complete package.

Your coach should still be able to do your sport at a high level, no matter what his age.

Coaches that stand around in hiking boots or back country gear, are just telling you they are detached from what you are doing and not into the sport. How can a coach like that, possibly know what you are about, what you are doing and trying to accomplish?

For those who are training and working hard,  it's everyday, doing something, even if it's not a hard workout, go for a hike, jog an easy mile, stay motivated, a day without movement is a day lost in your life.
Good Luck, and look around you; are you really getting the best,  which is what you deserve?

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