Wednesday, October 18, 2017

"The Riders Of The Lost Arc" The Round Turn, "Lost Arts of Skiing", 3rd in the series.

A tight, continued, series of round turns in the falline, while maintaining the same speed is a "Lost art of skiing!"

Skiers always ask me, "How do you get your skis on edge so far, and your hip down to the snow?" The answer is simple, "Stop doing what you are doing and learn something different." In a World Cup turn or high angle carving turn, there is no outside leg knee drive. As in this photo, my outside leg is long, inside leg is bent, flexed and tipped to a high degree. Most ski lessons and coaching are focused on the outside ski and leg. Wrong focus! If I were driving my outside knee, my leg would be shorter, more flexed and my hip would be higher, much higher.

                     Not everyone needs to develop high angles to become an advanced skier.

In the photo below the skis are at almost 90 degrees to the snow surface. These angles make a short round arc. From this arc,  which happens very fast, you have to make the long leg short, this is called retraction. That retraction movement, which is literally, pulling your knee to your chest,  and in many cases, this movement lifts the ski. You can see this happening in every top 5 world cup skier, in every turn.

Does this mean we have to become world cup skier to make these movements.? Of course not, a little brushing in every turn is fine, less angle is fine, less aggressive retraction is fine. However ,the movements are exactly the same as the best skiers in the world use.

If you learn to make the movements described here, at 30% of a world cup skier's level, you will be the best skier on most mountains. Even at 20% of a world cup skier's level, you will be able to link short, tight controlled turns on any slope. This is "A Lost Art" in skiing.

Anyone can learn these movements we teach them, we know,. We have taught thousands of skiers in the last 20 years, the turn, the PMTS Direct Parallel techniques, which are world cup based.  I have coached these same movements to National Champions and World Champions. In our camps, group after group, camp after camp; we develop advanced and expert skiers; skiers using these same techniques are thriving and enjoying skiing more than they ever have. They are smiling from ear to ear, enjoying skiing in control , linking short turn safely, down all slopes. 

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