Monday, October 16, 2017

"The Lost Arts of Skiing"

Second the Series, One of the "Lost Arts of Skiing", is changing edges before the falline. Few if any skiers understand, can perform, or teach,  a truly round turn arc or shape.

"Getting big angles isn't about getting grip. Looking for grip with the outside ski makes you a weaker skier. Angles give you grip, grip doesn't give you angles."

It's possible that so few knew how, to achieve "Up-Side-Down" to the slope, that it was lost, due to neglect, lack of understanding and misunderstanding of technique. But few, very few, except the top racers have learned and know how to get "Up-Side-Down" to the slope, consistently. In other words, change edges before you change direction. The idea was lost, before it could be learned.  Another "Lost Art of Skiing".

What skiers's don't realize is, if you can make this type of turn or arc, you can ski on any ski, on any snow and conquer any mountain. And still ski with Style and Beauty on groomers. This way of skiing even makes Groomers really, really, fun. 

Next installment: How to make Groomers fun. Another "Lost Art of Skiing!"


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Perfecting this technique, or even the striving to perfect this technique, just makes skiing way more fun. Being all set up well before the fall line makes for such a great "rush" as one proceeds through the turn.