Tuesday, July 18, 2017

How to connect your Mid-body to your skiing!

It is obvious that most ski techniques focus on how to tip or angle the skis, change the angles or edges, turn the skis, and move from one ski to the other. Most of this emphasis is therefore focused on the feet and legs. In some cases the leg emphasis is so over worked that it actually reduces balance and throws the skiers into peril.

In the PMTS Direct Parallel teaching method, in our teaching books; we identify the mid body and upper body with their own DVDs with teaching sessions and the same with chapters on Upper and Mid body in the "Essentials of Skiing" book.

Many skiers never use the mid-body in normal everyday life, and this is still often the case for many skiers who have reached very high levels of proficiency. So, through our teaching, it has become evident to us, as observers,  teachers and coaches that many skiers don't know how to activate the muscles of the mid body to help stabilize it,  create and increase angles engaging the mid-body. Putting the skis on edge or to get them to hold on an angle isn't only a matter of pushing them or tipping them with leg actions. It also involves counter movements, and support from the mid body.

In the case of skiers who want better balance, to learn more quickly or skiers who want that higher level of performance, the mid-body may well be the missing link to that new, next level. Now we have developed, included or added training and awareness for those who want to learn how to move, how to be aware, and how to use the mid-body properly in skiing.

We have put together two new videos, one with dry land or indoor movements and exercises, and one with skiing and indoor examples that demonstrate visually, how to access the muscles and movements to bring the mid body to a highly supportive and functional level in your skiing.  Few skiers know or have mid body movements that should be applied from one turn to the other, it's not automatic in skiing. Here with these two DVDs we have developed the first complete program that will bring mid-body awareness to you; so you can actually go out on snow and realize how the mid-body moves and how to move it.

The indoor eVideos, bring about awareness of muscles that few people use on a daily basis. In fact, most skiers don't even know that the muscles that we are introducing in this series of eVidoes even exist. If this is the case the muscles maybe be weak or under developed. The indoor eVideo starts with very easy simple, at home movement programs. Not heavy resistence training or weight workouts. What we are offering is awareness training, at first. Most of these mid-body awareness exercises you can do at home, on your floor or on an exercise mat. After you become familiar with the initial program, more evolved exercises are introduced  for those who wish to get the strength for high end performance skiing.

The eVideo with the "skiing portion", teaches and relates the indoor movements to actual on snow exercises that introduce the same movements you learned to use from the indoor sessions. The correlation should then be complete between learning how to use and activate mid-body movements. Interspersed with the skiing and on snow actions are references and the examples of how the indoor movements relate to skiing.

This is a unique program that few teachers or coaches have understood, let alone developed or taught as a supportive phase, for the development of a complete skier. We hope you enjoy the progressions and next time you are on the slope, and someone says, "Add more counter balance." you will know exactly what that means and how to increase it. As I put this eVideo notice up, the time is not August 5th. Don't delay if you want to be ready for the snow and early season skiing.