Monday, June 26, 2017

The PMTS, Harb Ski System leaves nothing to chance.


                           Skiers learn how to realize ever part of a turn. What to do to end a turn.

What to do while in the turn. How the upper body contributes to balance and ski angles.
How to begin a new turn. This is where understanding how to set up proper balance before the turn begins is so important. This is the missing link for many skiers. Why would you want to enter a new turn, already out of balance?
Notice here, in the above photo, how early the balance transfer happens. From my left foot to my right foot. I have the whole upper part of the arc to establish how I want to stand on my skis for the turn, before I enter the falline.


Unknown said...

I am looking forward to having a class with you this next winter. I had both my knees replaced and will need a tune up!

Unknown said...

HI, several years ago I read Lito's Breakthrough book. He described standing / balancing on the uphill ski prior to commencing the new turn - is what you are describing here a similar idea? As an instructor, I have to spend much time 'curing' the error of 'pushing to start the turn' (leg extension) which of course results in completely the wrong balance etc..

Harald Harb said...

Lito Wrote his first book without any knowledge of my methods. After I showed him my PMTS Direct Parallel system with little toe edge, "Phantom Tipping", he adopted it in his second video, in which I skied to demonstrate for him. After that he was a follower of my methods.