Sunday, March 5, 2017

US men's tech Ski Team doesn't qualify for the World Cup finals in Aspen!

It was more than a rough day for Choudomsky, it was a rough year for the US Men's Ski Team.

No US slalom skiers in the World Cup finals. The coaching staff has to take responsibility and resign or the USSA board of directors needs to make them go away, with the executive staff right behind them. 

There are answers and solutions to these problems, but the US Team doesn't have them, and no one is asking the questions. 

I pointed the problems out to Tiger Shaw, at his request, I came to Park City, 3 years ago. He did nothing. Only excuses are available now. 

Guess what, there are no excuses for this type of dismal performances, only the fact that this US Ski Team coaching and management team is a total failure. 

In addition, many of the skier's on the team have serious boot issues and set up issues that absolutely no one is addressing. That's just one of the problems. Reminds me of the Trump administration! Lots of bluster no performance.


Unknown said...

Harald, I agree that the USA is in an embarrassing situation, and that something needs to be done at the USST level. But I also see this as only the crowning example of our failure as a country to develop athletes. I've been coach for almost 45 years and have come to believe more than ever that our failure to develop fundamental skills is at the root of our weakness, and that without a high degree of fundamental skill it is simply not possible to succeed at a high level. The lack of fundamentals is evident in our top skiers, and is painfully evident at every level of competition that I attend, from U14 events to regional FIS races, to NorAms. We are very focused on simply being better than the other programs in our region or in our country without being willing to acknowledge that, as a nation, we are simply not very good. We cannot be content to simply be better than the other guys, or to simply put send athletes to the USST and say that we have done our jobs. The bar needs to be set higher that that.

Unknown said...

It's sad because David Chodounsky has some talent...

Harald, you should be head of the U.S. men's tech team!

Harald Harb said...

Thank you of your comments. David Chodounsky I've watched with frustration for years. He's a great guy and works really hard. Unfortunately, he doesn't work correctly, he isn't getting the coaching he needs from the US Ski Team coaches. Even in this photo, his hips are facing his ski tips, this eliminates his ski energy and rebound. On his left leg turn and side this happens more often, it's partly boot set up and partly controlling his hip from rotating. Others have passed him because his technique hasn't evolved. Still he is the best US slalom skier, mostly through will, determination and grunting it out, so sad.

Rolf Gidlow, Thank you for your comments, we are in total agreement, well said.