Monday, January 2, 2017

Mikaela Shiffrin has big turnaround in GS due to boot changes.

If you have been following my previous Blog posts below on this page; about the Shiffrin boot issues, you can see here some changes have been made that have improved the situation. With the changes which were so obviously needed she becomes functional. She is much closer to the set up of last season. Also, she is using the older cuffs on these boots. However now compare the left turn on the right foot turns, to previous posts about the alignment on this Blog. It's much better, yet it's still not ideal. It's good enough for Shiffrin to work with. Before this change she was fighting to survive. 
In this photos if you focus on the angles of her right leg you can still see she doesn't trust the boot and has to feather and skid it into place before she can trust the angles. A well trained eye can see see she is rotating her hips to help with the arc, (obvious when you watch the video in slow motion) once the ski is far enough away and the leg straight she is able to bring the ski to higher angles and come back to a hip counter action movement. As in the next photo.
A much better situation than the set up before Christmas.

What is amazing is that the whole staff, US Team, Atomic Technical staff and even her mother can't see when things are totally off. And I mean so off she could injurer herself by trying to race in these boots. After all, Hirscher broke an ankle trying to push an Atomic Boot on edge about 7 years ago.

And further on that line of thinking, Mikaela doesn't seem to feel the difference when it's wrong. She thinks she can brut force the ski to do what she wants. But the results and times prove she can not.


Unknown said...

Well stated. It's amazing how many high level credentialed coaches with World Cup experience have no idea how essential boot set up really is for all abilities and age classes.
It's upsetting to think how many kids and athletes never ski as they they could or compete as well as they could because coaches haven't progressed from their own early comp experiences when boot set up was a mystery. I'm certain ego prevents a lot of coaches from learning and helping their students and athletes.

Harald Harb said...

So true, however the fault is with USSA coaches education.