Saturday, December 17, 2016

Woes for Shiffrin in GS continue.

What is really concerning is not only the lack of confidence Shiffrin has in her GS skiing, and her frustration, but what are the consequences of this kind of position? 

 It can't work with a set like this with the boots. This is almost exactly the set up Fanara had going for him. This is a highly precarious position for the knee! Click on the individual photos for a better look! You can do the comparison to Fenninger Veith below?

It's going to take more than some plastic canting strips, the boot needs to be reconfigured, meaning the medial sidewall needs to be modified to allow some foot eversion, , the cuffs need to be aligned properly and then the base or bottom of the boot needs to be set up.

She is doing her best to get the ski on edge and bring the knee somewhere under her body, but it's not working. She can't roll or tip the ski over due to the resistance.

Anna's set up lets her get her hips to move inside close to the snow, while adjusting her ankles and feet to tune the ski angles. 

Little changes regardless of what part of the arc she is in,  she is balanced and her skeleton is perfectly aligned to the forces. No adapting necessary.

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Unknown said...

I was wondering, if her boots are set up so bad, why isn't it affecting her slalom skiing? Are the longer radius turns allowing the misalignment to show up?

Harald Harb said...

Yes you are right, she can over power her slalom and come on late. However it's not ideal, it's a testament to how great a skier she is. She could be much faster in slalom, notice how the rest of the field is getting closer and they aren't skiing better as a group.