Sunday, December 4, 2016

Winter workout days.

Trying to stay strong and workout during the winter while skiing 20 to 25 days a month is tough. You can easily over do it and get sick, which really throws the whole thing out the window. 

Chin up sets to keep the lats going for climbing, even if you don't need them for skiing.

Warm-up squat routine, after that 3 sets and a lunge series and a run up the mountain.

Bicepts curls, I hate them but they support the shoulders so it's necessary.


Jeet said...

Do you perform high number of reps in a set for leg workouts, if so what are the number of reps do you perform in a set?

Jeet said...

How many reps do you perform for each set for leg workouts?

Harald Harb said...

Hi Jeet,

Sorry for the delay, I do about 40 reps when I begin this training cell. After two weeks I add weight, and it reduces my reps to 25. I stay with that and try to get 3 sets. I need the endurance not maximal strength. I do legs about 2 times a week.